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Waffentechnische Werkstätte
NK-Logo Manufacturing
Restauration of sports, collectors and hunting arms
Company Specialties Rarities
Our Special Services

Conversions of all kinds
Luger carbine, C96 carbine and similar, true to original
Revolvers to all possible calibers, e.g. lead shot revolvers
Sporting rifles and pistols tuning

New constructions
e.g. Revolver Wegenstein cal.444 Marlin (see DWJ 6/1989 and 7/2002),
Revolver cal.44-357 Brain Davis.
Pistols and rifles at customer's option

of old arms designs, e.g. Luger (08) type pistol in cal.45 ACP (see DWJ 6/1997 and 12/2000, Armes & Tir 12/2001)
Shooting disabled Luger (08) type pistols in cal.45 ACP made from brass for the japanese market
Conversions: Colt, Remington, Thuer (see Int.Waffen-Magazin 11/2000)
Sharp Rifle cal.45/120, cal.50/140

of old arms (matchlock, wheellock, flintlock, percussion arms; muzzle-loaders and breech-loaders; needle and pinfire arms), repeater and self-loading arms as well as air and CO2 arms

of knives, swords, arms with blades of all kinds

Repairs and Manufacturing
"where others decline"
Some "inventions" resp. realisations of ideas in former years:
  • 50-rounds drum for cal.22 rifle and pistol
  • Capacity enlarged grip frame (up to 20 rounds) for SIG 210, Colt Government and others
  • "Rod compensators" for SIG, CZ, Colt and others
  • Subcalibre barrels with semi-automatic function in cal.22 lr (incl. magazine) for Glock pistol
  • Internal lasers